Student Complaints

Northwestern State University recognizes a student's need to express grievances during the college experience. The Dean of Students Office functions to assist students in lodging and resolving such complaints.

Students may contact the Dean of Students Office to file a written complaint and/or for assistance in filing complaints.

Northwestern State University students who wish to lodge a written complaint about an employee of the institution (faculty or staff), another student, policies and procedures, harassment, bullying, sexual harassment, equal access or other complaints, should contact the Dean of Students at

Ordinarily, complaints against students or student organizations follow Article V of the Student Code of Conduct and complaints against employees of the university or its agents follow the Student Grievance Procedure found in Appendix I in the Student Code of Conduct. Students should seek clarification from the Dean of Students Office when filing a complaint.

Student Complaints may be categorized as follows:

1.    Complaints about an employee (faculty or staff) of the institution or complaints against a department (it's policies or procedures) (See the Student Grievance Procedure, Appendix I in the Student Code of Conduct).

2.    Complaints of sexual harassment against an employee (See the Student Grievance Procedure Appendix II).

3.     Complaints about another student or organization of a non-sexual nature (may include bullying and harassment) (See Article V of the Student Code of Conduct).

4.    Complaints against another student related to sexual misconduct (Title IX) (Article VII may include assault, harassment, bullying, stalking, coercion, exploitation, dating/domestic violence or retaliation).

5.    Complaints about equal opportunity access (See the Student Grievance Procedure, Appendix I in the Student Code of Conduct).

6.    All other complaints not included above (Contact the Dean of Students at 318-357-5285).

The Dean of Students realizes that in certain situations, it is inappropriate for students to meet with the person against whom they wish to lodge a complaint. In such cases, the Dean's Office may act as a liaison or assist the student in meeting with the person or that person's supervisor. Complaints may be formal (written grievances) or informal. Whatever the circumstances, the Dean of Students will assist students in the process of filing complaints. NSU strives to maintain the confidentiality of the parties involved in the grievance process. However, in cases of sexual misconduct, the institution will comply with the Department of Education guidelines and investigate reported incidences.

Student Appeals

The office of the dean of students is interested in student success and, to that end, is willing to assist students in navigating the appeals processes listed below when necessary.

Contact information:

Dean of Students – Frances Conine,, (318) 357-5285

Student Advocate – Alexis Finnie, (318) 357-5570

Appeal Form Link

Appeal Action

Office Website

Academic Suspension Appeal

to allow an appeal of academic suspension, see program department head

Admissions Exception Appeal

to determine if there is an exception

Registration Access Installment/Late Charge Appeal

Registration Exception Application

to allow registration with an outstanding balance



Campus Dining Exemption Form

Off-Campus Exemption

to waive on-campus living and food service requirements

Disciplinary Appeal

to overturn sanction in conduct hearing


Financial Aid and Scholarship Appeal

to maintain financial awards

Grade Appeal
Registration, Credits and Graduation

to change grades, issue credit

Parking and Traffic Appeal

to waive tickets or fees

Residency Appeal

to waive out of state tuition

Retroactive Withdrawal/Resignation or Cancellation Appeal

to allow various semester withdrawals with documented extenuating circumstances


Student Appeals are not considered complaints. However, Northwestern seeks to allow students to appeal University policy and decisions when the student believes she/he has experienced unusual circumstances which may be out of their control or when the student believes the University failed to follow policy. Students may seek assistance at any time from the Dean of Students. (Dean of Students)

Student Appeals are categorized as follows:

All student appeals are reviewed by committees at the last level of the appeal. However, in some cases, appeal may originate and be resolved with individual employees.