Wellness, Intramural and Recreational Sports Advisory Committee
Revised September 12th, 2011

I. Purpose

 A. Purpose: To serve in an advisory role to assure that a wellness, intramurals and recreational  sports program suited to address the needs of the Northwestern State University community is  maintained.  The committee's purview shall include (but not be limited to) recommendations  related to programming, scheduling, assessment, facility management, budgets, policies and  procedures.

 B. Responsibilities

  1. Assess the wellness, intramurals and recreational sports programs on campus and to make recommendations regarding their improvement.

  2. Assess the WRAC facility and make recommendations for its maintenance, use and improvement.

  3. Serve as an appeals committee to any student or WRAC member whose use privileges have been suspended or revoked due to a violation of WRAC policies and procedures.

  4. To serve as an appeals committee to have policies adjusted or fees waived or reduced for non-profit groups which provide mutual benefits or other valuable considerations to the university, or whose use of the facility is considered part of the civic, economic, cultural and educational outreach which the university provides in accordance with its stated mission in the Master Plan for Higher Education in Louisiana.

II. Membership

 A. Committee Coordinator: The Committee Coordinator shall be appointed by the Dean of  Students for a term of one year.  The Coordinator shall not have voting power. The Committee  Coordinator will be responsible for calling and presiding over meetings, appointing a recorder  for each meeting, and ensuring that minutes are distributed to all voting and advisory members,  as well as the Dean of Students. The Committee Coordinator will assume responsibility for  notifying appeals applicants of the committee's decisions.

 B. Voting Membership: All members shall be appointed for a term of one year. A majority of  voting members must be present to constitute quorum and conduct business.
  1. Two Student Government Association Senators, appointed by the Student  Government Association
  2. One student with Freshman or Sophomore classification, appointed by the Student Government Association
  3. One student with a Junior or Senior classification, appointed by the Student Government Association
  4. Two faculty/staff members, appointed by the Dean of Students
  5. A representative from the Division of Student Affairs, appointed by the Dean of Students
  6. A representative from the Athletics Division or the Department of Health and Human Performance, appointed by the Dean of Students
 C. Advisory Members
  1. The Coordinator of Intramurals
  2. The Coordinator of One Card Services
  3. The Director of Student Activities, Organizations and Leadership Development
  4. The Director of the WRAC

III. Operational Plan

 A. The committee will meet at least once each semester, as arranged by the Committee
 Coordinator or when called by the Dean of Students.