Student Self-Assessed Fees Oversight Committee
Revised September 12, 2011

I. Purpose

A. Purpose: To review the process of all student self-assessed fees at Northwestern State University. This committee and the SGA’s Fee Review Committee working independently or jointly shall also serve as a source of advisement for the Student Government Senate. In accordance with the University of Louisiana System Policy, student self-assessed fees, other than a fee used to pay bonded debts, shall be subject to recall by a vote of the students in accordance with the institution’s Student Government Constitution.

 B. Responsibilities
1. To annually review financial records of each self-assessed fee budget and/or department receiving such fees.
2. To provide the Student Government Association with a recommendation on each fee as well as any information required to make an informed decision on the status of all student assessed fees.

II. Membership

A. Committee Coordinator: The Committee Coordinator shall be appointed by the Dean of Students for a term of one year.  The Coordinator shall not have voting power. The Committee Coordinator will be responsible for calling and presiding over meetings, appointing a recorder for each meeting, and ensuring that minutes are distributed to all voting and advisory members, as well as the Dean of Students. The Committee Coordinator will assume responsibility for notifying appeals applicants of the committee's decisions.

B. Voting Membership: All members shall be appointed for a term of one year. Eleven members, five of which must be students, must be present to constitute quorum and conduct business.
1. Eight undergraduate student members: five appointed by Student Government Association, three appointed by President of University by recommendation of the Dean of Students.
2. Seven faculty/staff members: three appointed by Student Government Association and four appointed by President of University by recommendation of the Dean of Students.

C. Advisory Members.
 1. Dean of Students
 2. Vice President of Business Affairs

III. Operational Plan

A. Meeting Procedures

1. The coordinator will preside over meeting and appoint someone to record minutes
2. The Chief Business Affairs Officer or designee will present budget summaries of each self-assessed for review and discussion.
3. The coordinator will report findings to the SGA Senate each semester at a regularly scheduled SGA meeting.
4. The coordinator provides to the SGA any recommendations for a recall referendum on any student self-assessed fee if the committee votes to recommend a recall.

B. Meeting Times

1. The committee will meet once each semester (fall and spring) at the discretion of the committee coordinator or the Dean of Students.
2. An Orientation meeting will be conducted annually by the Chief Business Affairs Officer at which he will review budgets of each self-assessed fee and present budget summaries to the committee.
3. The annual orientation meeting can be considered as a regular meeting if approved by a majority of the members.