Parking and Traffic Committee
Revised June 28, 2011

I. Purpose

A. Purpose: To meet and discuss solutions to parking and traffic problems. This committee also discusses safety issues that affect students on our campus.

 B. Responsibilities

1. Committee Coordinator develops an agenda of items for the committee to discuss.
2. These items are placed on the agenda under old or new business.
3. The committee discusses items and votes to take action on issues.
4. The minutes of the committee are compiled and sent to the Dean of Students.

II. Membership

A. Committee Coordinator: The Executive Director of Student Life and First Year Experience serves as the Committee Coordinator.  The Coordinator shall not have voting power. The Committee Coordinator will be responsible for calling and presiding over meetings, appointing a recorder for each meeting, and ensuring that minutes are distributed to all voting and advisory members. The Committee Coordinator will assume responsibility for notifying applicants of the committee's decisions.

 B. Voting Membership: All members shall be appointed for a term of one year. A majority of  voting members must be present to constitute quorum and conduct business.
  1. Student Union Manager
  2. Chief of University Police or designee
  3. Two members of the Faculty, appointed by the Faculty Senate
  4. Four staff members, appointed by the Dean of Students
  5. Three student members, appointed by the Student Government Association

III. Operational Plan

A. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month during the Fall and Spring Semesters or as called by the committee coordinator.
B. Create and distribute an agenda to each member of the committee.
C. Minutes of each meeting are to be taken and distributed to all committee members and to the Dean of Students.