Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee
Revised June 28, 2011

I. Purpose

A. Purpose:  Responsible for making decisions on traffic appeals.

B. Responsibilities:

1. The Committee Coordinator must pick up appeals from the University Police and prepare them prior to the meeting.
2. The Committee will meet on the second Monday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Student Union.
3. The Committee Coordinator is to inform all members of upcoming meetings.
4. All students are to be given a chance to discuss his or her appeal. All appeals will be read and voted on by Committee.

II. Membership

A. Committee Coordinator:  The Executive Director of Student Life and First Year Experience or designee will serve as Committee Coordinator. The Coordinator shall not have voting power. The Committee Coordinator will be responsible for calling and presiding over meetings, appointing a recorder for each meeting, and ensuring that minutes are distributed to all voting members and to the Dean of Students.

B. Voting Membership: All members shall be appointed for a term of one year.  A majority of members must be present to constitute quorum and conduct business.
1. One faculty member, appointed by the Faculty Senate
2. One staff member, appointed by the Dean of Students
3. Three student members, appointed by Student Government Association

III. Operational Plan

A. The Committee Coordinator (Director of Student Life and First Year Experience or designee) calls meeting to order.
B. Students appealing tickets are not mandated to attend traffic appeals meetings. Any student that is in attendance will have his/her appeal decided on first, in alpha order.  Committee will discuss and vote on each appeal after each has been read aloud.
C. The Dean of Students will ask the committee to reconsider a decision only when a request for reconsideration is submitted in writing within 10 calendar days of decision. The appellant must be able to provide new or additional information/documentation of cause of extenuating circumstances, or additional documentation since the original appeal was considered by the committee.