Disciplinary Appeals Committee
Revised November 17th, 2010

I. Purpose

 A. Purpose: To review appeals of disciplinary sanctions levied by the Office of Student Conduct, when requested by students.

 B. Responsibilities:
  1. Insure that all students who appeal their sanctions are given a fair and impartial hearing.

  2. Insure that all students have been offered due process.

  3. Determine that sanctions levied by the Office of Student Conduct and upheld by    the Dean of Students are appropriate to the violations of the Code of Student Conduct    that were committed by the student.

II. Membership

 A. Committee Coordinator: The Committee Coordinator shall be appointed by the University  President for a term of one year.  The Coordinator shall not have voting power. The Committee  Coordinator will be responsible for calling and presiding over meetings, appointing a recorder  for each meeting, and ensuring that minutes are distributed to all voting and advisory members.

 B. Voting Membership: All members shall be appointed for a term of one year. A majority of
 members (including at least two students) must be present to constitute quorum and conduct  business.
  1. Four faculty/staff members appointed by the University President
  2. Two students, appointed by the University President
  3. Two faculty/staff members, recommended by the Student Government Association for   appointment by the University President
  4. Two students, recommended by the Student Government Association for appointment   by the University President

 C. The Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students will be available to serve as a recorder.

III. Operational Plan

 A. Procedures

  1. The Dean of Students' Office receives all students' requests for appeal and shall notify the committee coordinator when such appeals are made.

  2. The Dean of Students' Office shall prepare copies of all record related to an appeal for review by the committee.

 B. Meeting Procedures

  1. The Committee Coordinator presides over the hearing and instructs members on hearing procedures to be followed.

  2. The Coordinator rules on admissibility of evidence, motions, objections and recognizes members for the purpose of questioning students and the university representative presenting the case.

  3. The hearing shall be closed with persons present limited to the Dean of Students  and/or appointed staff, the student appealing with members of the students' immediate family, attorney or other counsel, university counsel, and members of the committee. Witnesses for the student or the university shall be sequestered and called by the Coordinator when needed to present evidence.

  4. Deliberation shall be closed, with only committee members and the recorder present.

  5. The decision of the committee shall be made by majority vote.

  6. The Coordinator shall provide a written notification of the committee's decision to the Dean of Students.

  7. The Dean of Students shall provide the student with a written notification of the committee's decision and of the student's right to appeal to the University Preisdent.