The Student Experience/Dean of Students

Welcome to the Division of  Student Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Students. Our staff throughout the Division of Student Affairs are always ready to assist you beyond the capability of our website; hence, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. This webpage outlines our services, so please do take the time to acquaint yourself with us here.

The Division of Student Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Students exist to support academic experiences and to promote the development of students outside of the classroom. We invite all Northwestern State University Students to become actively involved in the many programs and services provided through our flourishing and vibrant student affairs division. Research shows that students who actively engage in their college experience are more likely to succeed academically and professionally, so let us help you get involved!

The Dean of Students, Frances Watkins Conine, and her offices provide assistance and advocacy services to students. The dean and her office function as liaisons between students and other offices and employees of Northwestern State University. Our goal is to maintain a student centered environment composed of satisfied students. Ms. Conine's door is always open for students to discuss their successes, suggestions, or issues of concern. Students are encouraged to seek advice and support from the Dean of Students when filing written complaints (Office of the Dean/complaints), Title IX complaints, and for all issues that interfere with the educational process.


Frances Watkins Conine

VP for the Student Experience and Dean of Students

Room 249, Long Student Services Center

Phone: (318) 357-5285





For Help, Reporting Information, and Bystander Information Concerning Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Stalking, and Domestic Violence


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